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Summer Entertaining Made Easy - Thank You

Thank you to everyone who attended the Benevolent Fund’s Summer Entertaining Made Easy last night in The Atrium, Mount Anville. We had a capacity crowd which was amazing and we appreciate the support for the Benevolent Fund. Everyone enjoyed the evening of wine, food, and table scaping.

The evening was hosted by Presence PR's Joanne Byrne who chatted to our speakers with great insights and humour. Event Planner Tara Fay shared her vast experience and gave some great tips on how to make sure as hostess, your event is stress free and a success. Joanne entertained us all night, and she really was the hostess with the mostess. She finished the evening with a q&a with Tara Fay, Tara shared her expertise on party planning, and even told us how to bring a petty to a polite end…. Play with temperature, turn up the lighting, and politely start to clean… Joanne suggested putting on the national anthem, someone else suggested putting on your pyjamas…

David Whelehan of Whelehan‘s Wines advised us on the perfect wines to serve at a supper event. We tasted some of his recommendations - a sparkling Cremant, a fabulous white priced at 14 euro and a red and they would be just perfect.

Ruth Wassel's delicious food was so simple but looked very impressive. We tasted several of her recipes including chicken tostadas, her homemade seed bread and guaranteed to please, her meringues filled with lemon curd. She still uses her meringue recipe from her days in Ballymaloe. Of course the fact that everything was served with a smile by the Committee made it taste all the better!

Laura Nolan's from LNH Edit spoke to us about table planning. She set out 3 tables for different style parties and showed us how to use a little colour and items from her shop to decorate and set a mood for the event. Laura set up her tables, top tip was to use her LED candles for outdoor dining, gorgeous selection in different colours that match the colour scheme of your table. Laura showed us how the linens are printed using block print and done by hand in India . Her top tip is that she pays as much attention to her tables as she does her outfit.

Grace Tansey was our photographer on the night and she really captured the mood of the event.

The event was very kindly sponsored by Rachel Twomey's SuperValu Deansgrange and She kindly brought vouchers with her and there were big smiles when everyone discovered that … yes there was one for everyone in the audience.

We raised almost €8000. This will enable us to continue helping our Sacred Heart Past Pupils in need. We cannot do this without your support. Thank you for being so generous!

Photos from the evening


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