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Remembrance Service 14th November  2021

The Annual Service was held on the 14th November at 11.00am. This service remembers the deceased Sacred Heart Past Pupils, Sacred Heart Sisters, Staff, Relatives and Friends who have died during the year. This year we held the event in Mount Anville Chapel with Past Pupils and family members attending. We also released a short video of the service to mark our loved ones passing.

Our event remembers Members of our Community who have passed away in the last 12 months. All the deceased Past Pupils names are entered in our Memorial Book. A member of the Benevolent Fund Committee will read the names of all the people we are remembering from the a scroll and they will be remembered for all the days to come. Our list includes Sacred Heart Sisters, Past Pupils and Family Members of Past Pupils. Join with us and remember.

Chairperson's Welcome

We are delighted to be back in the school chapel for a ‘live’ service this year and for those who cannot be physically present, we have made a pre-recorded video which should be going out on our website as we speak.  It has been another very difficult year under Covid. Many have suffered greatly, unable to visit loved ones in hospital or nursing homes, unable to shake hands or embrace, unable to share in our rituals with family and friends, unable to make it home to say goodbye…..  So Coming together as a family and community as we are today has never been more important - never more valued and appreciated.

Today is about honouring the lives of those who have passed and sharing our memories with those who still live.

Today, we remember our religious sisters who dedicated their lives to god. We remember our past pupils and teachers - from Mt Anville, Leeson St, Roscrea, Monkstown, Armagh and Kilgraston And we remember our family members and friends, all of whom are part of our Sacred Heart community. 

I would like to thank the Benevolent Fund Committee who have worked very hard to make today happen and most especially Shiena, Luci and Rhona and Kay.  My thanks to the music teachers Ruth  Minnock and Katie ryan and the Senior school choir who sang so beautifully not just today but also for the video shoot. My thanks to the students and Mary Hesseltine  for the Bidding Prayers and Readings, all of whom have lost someone close this year. To the Transition Year Benevolent Fund committee for helping out with the logistics and refreshments 

And finally my thanks to all of you for taking the time to be here today I would now like to invite you all to join us for some refreshments downstairs. Being mindful of Covid restrictions and social distancing, This year we are using the Junior GP Room. It has an outdoor covered area which we would encourage you to use  I hope you will have an opportunity to catch up with old friends and familiar faces and share your stories and memories of times past.

Thank you 

Rosie Crimmins, Chairperson 


List of Deceased

  • Bernie Broderick

  • Noreen Burgess

  • Patrick Burke

  • John Byrne

  • Alison Casey

  • Anne Clarke

  • Paddy Conway

  • Pauline Corcoran

  • Tony Corr

  • Luke James Courtney

  • Peggy Courtney

  • Jasper Coyle

  • Laura Dolan

  • Deirdre Donegan

  • Sr Moira Donnelly

  • John Dooly

  • Gerard Doyle

  • Mary Doyle

  • Alannah Dunn

  • Veronica Ronnie Dunne

  • Michael Fallon

  • Sr Barbara Farquharson

  • Peggy Fisher

  • David Fitzgibbon

  • Josephine Fitzmaurice

  • Josephine Flynn

  • Robert Forbes

  • Dermot Gardiner

  • Stephen Val Gunning

  • Maureen Hayes

  • Johanna Hegarty

  • Evelyn Hennessy

  • Brian J Hillery

  • Grace Hughes

  • Patricia Horne

  • Patricia Joseph

  • Ben Kealy

  • Madeline Killeen

  • Kay Kinirons

  • Eithne Kipper

  • Mary Kotsonorous

  • Sr Ethel Lamont

  • Elizabeth Lovett Dolan

  • Ruth Mac Evoy

  • Katriona Maguire

  • Peter Maguire

  • Cormac Mc Carthy

  • Jim Mc Carthy

  • Niall Mc Cullough

  • William Mc Sheaffrey

  • Sr Sheila McAuliffe

  • Eithne McDonald

  • Patricia McGowan

  • Emma McManus

  • Deirdre McNamara

  • Caraiosa Mehigan

  • Joan Mehigan

  • Elizabeth Mion

  • Margaret Moloney

  • Gladys Monahan

  • Mary Mooney

  • Jacqueline Morgan

  • Michael Mulcahy

  • Marie Murphy

  • Frank Nolan

  • Kay Nolan

  • Pamela Nolan

  • Sr Deirdre OBrien

  • Michael OCallaghan

  • Brian OConnor

  • Philip OConnor

  • Maeve ODonoghue

  • Sylvia ODonohoe

  • Rynagh OGrady

  • Brian OLoughlan

  • Monica Owens

  • Mary Price

  • Damien Reade

  • Phyliss Reade

  • Tommy Reade

  • Joe Revington

  • Maire Reynolds

  • Ann Richardson

  • Nancy Riggs Millar

  • George Roche

  • Shauna Ryan

  • Aine Sexton

  • Paul Sexton

  • Peter Shaffrey

  • John Shiel

  • Jim Somers

  • Susan Stafford

  • Sr Betty Walker

Prayers of the Faithful – Read by the TY Benevolent Committee

We pray in thanksgiving for the lives of all we remember today – deceased Religious of the Sacred Heart, Past Pupils, the members of our own families, former teachers and staff members of our schools, and all those in the wider Family of the Sacred Heart. We thank God that they have enriched our lives in so many ways. May they now rest in the loving peace of our God.
Lord hear us.            Lord, graciously hear us.

Many of those whom we mourn today have suffered greatly, especially during the months of the pandemic. May we be comforted that they are now at peace, and may good memories of happy times come to give us all peace in our hearts.
Lord hear us.            Lord, graciously hear us.

Lord, we thank all those who were kind to our loved ones, those who cared for them in their illness,  those who listened to them, who gave them courage, love and strength; and all those who helped in many unseen but wonderful ways to make their lives easier. May they all be rewarded for their goodness.
Lord hear us.            Lord, graciously hear us.

We remember in our prayers all those who are sick, that they will receive the grace and help they need to cope with their illness. 
Lord hear us.            Lord, graciously hear us.

We give thanks for the great kindness shown by many people in support of the Benevolent Fund over the past year so that we can continue to help our past pupils in needs.
Lord hear us.            Lord graciously hear us.

Death ends a life, not a relationship.

Your loved ones haven’t been forgotten by the

Sacred Heart Family, they are in our hearts forever.


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