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Can you help us help Past Pupils?

Can you give the Benevolent Fund some of your time? We are looking for some help providing more holistic support to Past Pupils beyond financial support.

We notice that many of the applications we receive are to help with difficulties crated by circumstances beyond the Past Pupils control. This includes Job Loss, Marriage breakdown and in some cases loss of a spouse through illness or accident. If we could provide support to these people along with a grant, we believe the Benevolent Fund could have a more beneficial impact on the persons situation. Sometimes when you are in a bad situation it is very difficult to find the right way out.

If you volunteer your time - this would be in an advisory capacity and only require a small commitment of time. Initially the areas we are looking for support are –

  • Legal Advice

  • Financial Advisor

  • Fundraising

  • Councillor / Therapist

  • Social Worker

  • Event Management

  • Investment Advisor

Please email if you would like to volunteer. Thank you.


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