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The Sacred Heart Benevolent Fund is here to support all Sacred Heart Past Pupils, especially during this challenging winter season. We are dedicated to providing financial support, guidance, and friendship in addition to our FREE Counselling Service, which is designed to ease the burden of those facing difficult times.

Recent requests for assistance have included mental health support, practical support, financial planning, and financial assistance. We understand that sometimes a friendly, non-judgmental conversation is all that's needed to help someone see the silver lining in their situation. Allow us to be your beacon of hope and light in a dark tunnel.

If you would like to get in touch confidentially you can reach Chairperson RosalieCrimmins by email  or call 0863332722. We hope you find the help you need!
Helping past pupils in need since 1938

In 2022 we helped past pupils aged between 19 - 70  with grants of €185,000.

This money was raised from the following events during 2022:
- MAPPA’s Shelbourne Lunch Raffle

- Thrive, a Women’s Health & Wellness day in Mt Anville House
- The 2022 Debs Ball raffle
- TY Benevolent Team Clothes Sale
- TY Pop Up Hockey Café
- Notelet and Christmas Card Sales
- Mini Marathon 10k
- Corporate Matched Funds
- Legacies left by past pupils
- Remembrance Service donations
- Christmas Coffee Morning
- Montessori Junior School Carol Singing


We are so thankful for your generous contribution that has enabled us to help so many in need. With the current economic climate, we have seen a dramatic increase in requests for assistance.  Unfortunately, we cannot continue to provide the same level of support without your continued and invaluable assistance. Thank you again for your generous contributions – they are making a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

To let you know how much this means, here are a few comments we received recently:

” You are angels - I am so grateful I could cry”

”I was heading out to do my shopping and checked my bank account to see how much I could actually afford and I see the Benevolent Fund had stepped in once again and lifted an enormous weight from my shoulders. Thank you so much”

”I was so relieved to make the appointment with my dentist to get my dentures repaired after struggling for 6 months with the broken ones, Now I can smile again without embarrassment. I am so grateful”

”I was so pleased to be able to afford to send my children to summer camp thanks to your kind donation. After seeing their father suffer over the last few months with cancer, it was so nice to see them happy and smiling again. You have no idea how much this means.”

Your kindness has helped us put smiles on Past Pupils faces so Thank You again on behalf of all those we help.

Rosie, Luci, Rhona and all The Benevolent Fund Committee

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We understand that while often people come to us for financial assistance, there are many others who need alternative forms of support for their personal wellbeing and it can be hard to know where to start or how to find a trusted advisor. We were delighted to introduce our free Counselling Service this year. All Sacred Heart Past Pupils and their families can now access therapy, funded by the Benevolent Fund. If you know anyone who could benefit from this service, please let them know. It can be difficult for us to reach those in need and we rely on the network to spread the word. All is done in complete confidentiality. For more information click HERE

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The Sacred Heart Benevolent Fund is a confidential support network of former pupils of the Sacred Heart  


If you know a Past Pupil who needs a little kindness right now, tell them about our Grant Service and Support.


Without raising funds we could not help the Past Pupils in need - perhaps there is some thing you could do to raise some money.

We Are Here To Support Every Past Pupil

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